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I guess you found this post by typing IBS NHS into your search engine?

Maybe you are just looming for information provided by the UK government IBS NHS website in which case you are definitely in the wrong place as this is not that site.

I know as an IBS sufferer, I searched this very same term on many occasions. I read all the NHS sites, and I still did not find what I was looking for!

I want first to state publicly that I think the NHS in the UK is a fine and in most cases very effective institution, this is especially true when it comes to urgent, life-threatening medical conditions.

When it comes to the diagnosis and treatment for IBS my experience of the NHS and IBS has not been all that great.

In talking with fellow IBS-C and IBS-D sufferers I have found that not many NHS patients who are suffering symptoms widely associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome have found curers or even long term abatement strategies in consultation with the mainstream NHS.

In some areas, the best you get given is a guide such as this IBS Guide. The guide is a very helpful guide to IBS, but it is not the magic bullet that most people suffering from IBS are looking for when reaching out to our National Health Service. Is there a case to be heard that the UK NHS should take IBS more seriously?

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