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IBS Stories

IBS Stories

The IBS Stories page has been created so fellow IBS sufferers can tell the story of IBS has affected their lives, what has worked to ease the symptoms of IBS and what has not worked.

As well as sharing your story please also share any tips you may have that have helped you either physically or emotionally to deal with your IBS.

I will kick off with my story.


I was thirteen when I first started experiencing “stomach” troubles my mum said it was the move to big school and associated nerves. At first, my symptoms were occasional and mild, probably about four years after I first noticed my stomach issues were a thing; my matters got much worse.

After letting things slide for a further year, I consulted with my GP, and after a test for Crohn’s disease, I was diagnosed with IBS. My symptoms were getting progressively worse; the occasional bloating had turned into continual and very painful bloating. I could go from being constipated to having diarrhoea at the drop of a hat. Although my Gp had given me a diagnosis, he seemed quite content to fob me off with statements like “it is just IBS”.

I have never been the sort of person to rely on others, so I set about doing my research and must have spent thousands of hours reading every website on the internet, mainly focusing on academic papers.

I was drawn to studies on the relationship between food and IBS. I started a random selection of food elimination experiments these all failed dismally, and at this point, I thought living with IBS would be a life long penance. If you read about my journey by clicking the living with IBS link, you will realise that my situation is now better both medically and psychologically