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Are You Suffering From Small Bacterial Overgrowth Symptoms

SIBO Symptoms can include Indigestion, cramps, bloating stomach ache, especially after you eat, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, feeling full or bloated, cramps and other gut related symptom.

All of the above can be symptoms of SIBO , they can also be symptoms of other more serious illnesses and you should always get these symptoms checked out by a medical professional.


SIBO Testing

In the UK you can go online and purchase a SIBO Test. One of the best SIBO test is the Hydrogen Breadth test.

The Hydrogen Breath test measures two different gases Hydrogen and Methane. This test will allow an expert to diagnose if you your symptoms are likely to be Caused by SIBO.

It is not impossible to get this test done free of any charge in the UK via the NHS. Often this is not the case and when it is offered it is usually as part of a referral to a Consultant. As we all know this process can take time.

Several private specialists offer SIBO Testing in the UK  and the one we have found highly reliable can be found at

Other places offer this test but the reason we recommend this supplier is they offer a service to interpret your test and work with you to develop a suitable treatment plan
Diagram show SIBO Testing in the UK